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Hong Kong Dance Exchange Invitation

When You See (1).jpg

When You See



楽曲:オリジナル/Olivier Cong

Choreographer・Performer: Songwei Hu (Ricky)

Music:Original/Olivier Cong



Life is more or less full of regrets, but we can’t do anything except to live with regrets. Time can help forget something pain, but it will not cure all of it. But.....



ソンウェイ・フ(リッキー) Songwei Hu (Ricky)

中国江西省出身の胡颂威は、上海ダンススクール、シンガポールのラサールシア芸術大学、香港舞台芸術アカデミーで訓練を受ける。2008年に香港バレエ団にコルプ・デ・バレエのメンバーとして入団し、2019年にレジデント・コレオグラファーに就任した。同バレエ団での振付作品には、When you see (2018) Demons (2017), Carmen (2017), Horn (2014) and White Lies (2012); The Frog Prince-A Ballet Chinois (2013); Voicing (2011), Twins (2010) 香港バレエ団の振付師コンテストに参加。その他の振付作品に、上海オペラハウスの『The Wall』(2019)、上海ダンスシアターの『Skyfall』(2018)、中国上海国際芸術祭2018の『Mirage』(2017)、シンガポール国立大学芸術祭の招聘による『Look Up 2.0 』(2016)『Look Up』(2015)、香港芸術祭の『Rush』(2013)『Play with Abandon』(2012)、Re.Maisonの招待による『Blank Space』(2013)、がある。Dance Theatre (RDT) inSingapore、Lost in Memory (2013) for D. Lab Dance Shanghai.江上悠と共演した『Bolero』(2015)が、Hong Kong Dance Awards 2016でOutstanding Ensemble Performanceを受賞した。また、2012年に香港芸術発展賞のヤングアーティスト賞(ダンス部門)を受賞。

Resident choreographer

Born in Jiangxi, China, Hu Song Wei Ricky trained at Shanghai Dance School, LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts in Singapore and The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Hu joined Hong Kong Ballet as a member of the Corps de Ballet in 2008 was named Resident Choreographer in 2019.His choreographic works with the company include When you see (2018) Demons (2017), Carmen (2017), Horn (2014) and White Lies (2012) ; The Frog Prince–A Ballet Chinois (2013) ;  Voicing (2011) and Twins (2010) for Hong Kong Ballet’s Choreographers’ Showcase. Other choreographic works include The Wall (2019) for Shanghai Opera House; Skyfall (2018) for Shanghai Dance Theatre; Mirage (2017) for China Shanghai International Arts Festival 2018; Look Up 2.0 (2016) and Look Up (2015),by the invitation of National University of Singapore Arts Festival; Rush (2013), Play with Abandon (2012) for Hong Kong Arts Festival; Blank Space (2013) by the invitation of Re: Dance Theatre (RDT) inSingapore; and Lost in Memory (2013) for D. Lab Dance Shanghai.His work Bolero (2015) with Yuh Egami, performed  by the Company, won Outstanding Ensemble Performance at the Hong Kong Dance Awards 2016. He also received the Award for Young Artist in Dance at the Hong Kong Arts Development Awards in 2012.


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