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2022 DDF Best Performance Award
SAI 2021 COMPETITION Participation


Photo by bozzo


Photo by Kaneko Manaho


振付:odd fish

出演:小林 萌、渡邊 華蓮

楽曲:Serce Matki/Chór Eryana, Abridged Too Far/People Like Us

Choreographer:odd fish

Performer:Kobayashi Moe, Watanabe Karen

Music:Serce Matki/Chór Eryana, Abridged Too Far/People Like Us


What does it mean the time to wait for something for us who live in this time and age where everyone keeps saying, we don't have time. The time when you wait for your parents coming back home, the time when you wait for your friend or beloved person, a timing, the time when you wait for an email or a bathroom, and the time when you wait for someone who might never come back. 
While we've been prioritizing efficiency and pace, what have we lost? 
Is this time really unnecessary for those of us who are not good at "waiting"? 
Yet, even this moment when you watch the stage could be killing your time to wait for something.



odd fish 

・2017年に小林 萌と渡邊 華蓮によるデュオグループ「odd fish」結成。大東文化大学モダンダンス学部卒業。
・「横浜ダンスコレクション2021コンペティション II」若手振付家部門「アーキタンツ·アーティスト·サポート賞」受賞。
・SAI DANCE FESTIVAL 2021にてDDF(韓国)とSCF 2021(韓国)招待作品に選定。 
・第12回Duo Dance Festival Award(韓国)で『machi』が最優秀賞受賞。

In 2017, the duo group "odd fish" was formed by Moe Kobayashi and Karen Watanabe. Graduated from the Modern Dance Department of Taido Bunka University.
"Yokohama Dance Collection 2021 Compensation II" Young Choreographer Award "Akitanz・Artist・Support Award"
 Selected as the first work of DDF (Korea) and SCF 2021(Korea) at the SAI Dance Festival 2021.
Won the Best Performance Award ” for "machi" at the 12th Duo Dance Festival Award (Korea).

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