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Stray Birds Dance Platform Invitation

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楽曲: オリジナル/ヌンツィア・ピチャッロ, Marcal









Choreographer・Performer: Nunzia PICCIALLO

​Music: Original/Nunzia PICCIALLO, Marcal

Breaking the memory of the binary in dance, the author and performer seeks a genderless physicality, to reveal an identity that alters the idea of the social construct of gender. With the hope of helping to remove stereotypes of gender, love and identity.



Nunzia PICCIALLO is a multidisciplinary artist born in Italy. Her creations span between dance, performance, and visual arts. In addition to creating and performing, Nunzia is a certified Gaga teacher and movement lab facilitator.

A fundamental element of Nunzia's work is intuition, which serves as a creative spark in approaching a new project. Often very intimate and emotive, the creative process, like the performance itself, is an adaptive and continuous research that she experiences through the use of the body and the relation to other media.

For Nunzia, art is the means to make a social contribution; the performance is an act shared to open a window of understanding and/or discussion regarding issues that need to be questioned. With her works, she invites to go beyond the image, surface, stereotypes, telling through various media a more personal reality of identity and gender.

Nunzia received the 3rd Price Performance at 27th International Solo Tanz-Theater, Stuttgart, followed by a tour in Germany, the Cortoindanza 2023 award for choreography writing, and she’s the award winner of Circle contemporary dance contest 2021.

In 2022 she was one the the selected artist for the Italian Young Choreography authors.



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