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SAI 2022 COMPETITION Jury Prize (solo)


Photo by bozzo

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緊張の種  A seed of tension

振付:仲宗根 豊、森井 淳
出演:仲宗根 豊

楽曲:JIMON-JITOU/Yohei Tsukasaki 

Choreographer:Nakasone Yutaka, Morii Jun

​Performer:Nakasone Yutaka

Music:Ask Yourself/Yohei Tsukasaki

普段、時間は止めどなく滔々と流れているように感じるけれど、そうではないのか? 目に見えるものは、動かずそこに在るように思えるけれど、実はそうではないのか? このような問いかけが脳内を走り、現実感が曖昧になる感覚です。
We have began our research by observing the growth of plants through time-lapse (low-speed) video. The slight sense that something is off we felt between the time-lapse video and our normal field of vision is what prompted us to start creating this work. Plants that normally appear to be standing still appear to be dancing when viewed in a time-lapse video, which shows several months from germination to growth in a 30-second period.In that moment before returning to our everyday view after watching the video, we experience a sense that our perception of time, space, and things is askew.
Usually, time seems to flow endlessly and unceasingly, but is that really the case? The things we see seem to be there, motionless, but are they really not? These questions race through our minds, and our sense of reality becomes ambiguous. One of the themes of this work is to try to reproduce and share these senses that something is off.
We have created this work in the hope that if we could amplify and convey the sense that something is off of the passage of time and objects, people would enjoy it. If visitors can experience the distortion of the passage of time and the swaying of the wood carving, we would say that this attempt has been a success.



仲宗根 豊

現代舞踊協会 Choreographer’s Concert vol.1 “Time-laps”
Tokyo 2020 パラリンピック閉会式


Nakasone Yutaka

Break, Bone Break, Ballet

Contemporary Dance Association of Japan Choreographer’s Concert vol.1 “Time-laps”

Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games Closing Ceremony


森井 淳
LIFULL ALT-RHYTHM アシスタントディレクター兼ダンサー
<ダミアン・ジャレ&名和晃平> "VESSEL"
<シディ・ラルビ・シェルカウイ> "プルートゥ"


Morii Jun

Assistant Director and Dancer, LIFULL ALT-RHYTHM

Damien Jalet & Kohei Nawa "VESSEL"
Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui "PLUTO"


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