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SAI 2023 COMPETITION First Prize (solo)

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Photo by bozzo

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MIYA Yusuke

架空生物の鳴き真似(Alien Blues)

Imitation cries of imaginary creature (Alien Blues)

振付・出演:宮 悠介

楽曲:Greenish in Its Light/Christopher Bissonnette

日本語の言葉「母(HaHa)」は英語で"mother"を意味する。母と過去の自分を想って踊る。タイトルは、ある10歳の少年の物語に由来している。ある日突然、彼は母に連れられ、新潟から愛媛へ移住を余儀なくされる。未知の風景、聞きなれない方言、離れた土地と家族への郷愁。少年は脱出を夢見て翼を願い、架空の生物に変貌することを望んで孤独に鳴き、うごめく。それが彼の初めてのダンスだった。 この物語は宮自身の過去に重なるという。しかし驚くほど精密にコントロールされた身体、声と身体の相互作用の探求は、ダンスをセンチメンタルな私小説にさせない。苦い追憶は肉体の時間と空間の古層からエネルギーを掘り起こし、蘇らせ、いま・ここにある身体と対峙し、舞踊となって現れる。原初の舞踊を探る、ミステリアスな夜の旅。



出身地新潟県の高校の部活動からダンスを始め、筑波大学、大学院で舞踊学を修める。在学中は複数の学生コンクールで受賞し、ダンサーとして近藤良平、梅田宏明、柿崎麻莉子ら日本を代表する振付家の作品にも出演。振付家としては、身体と言葉、声を用いて内面の「かたちないエネルギー」を空間に表出させ、鑑賞者を内省的な思考へ導くダンスを探求する。2022年に自身で振り付け、踊るソロ『かたち』で、ヨコハマダンスコレクションのコンペティションII(新人振付家部門)最優秀新人賞。2023年もSAI DANCE FESTIVAL優秀作品賞受賞をはじめ、各地から招聘を受け上演、ワークショップを行う。創作に加え、国内のダンスの環境整備にも取り組む。


Choreographer・Performer:MIYA Yuske

Music:Greenish in Its Light/Christopher Bissonnette

The Japanese word "HaHa" means "mother" in English. Dancing with my mother and my past self.The title originates from the story of a 10-year-old boy. One day, he is suddenly forced to move from Niigata to Ehime with his mother. Struck by unknown landscapes, unfamiliar dialects, and homesickness for a distant place and family, the boy dreams of escaping, wishes for wings, and longs to transform into a mythical creature as he cries out and writhes in loneliness. This conflict gives birth to his first dance. This story is said to overlap with Miya’s own past. However, the remarkably precise body control and the exploration of the interaction between voice and body keep the performance from becoming a sentimental memoir. Reminiscing bitter memories digs up energy from ancient layers of time and space that has accumulated in the body, resurrecting it to confront the physicality that exists here and now, manifesting as a dance. A mysterious journey into primordial dance.



Miya began dancing in his high school's dance club in Niigata Prefecture, his hometown, and went on to study dance at the University of Tsukuba and its graduate school. During his studies, he won several student competitions and also performed in works by leading Japanese choreographers such as Kondo Ryohei, Umeda Hiroaki, and Kakizaki Mariko. As a choreographer, he explores dance that uses the body, words, and voice to manifest the "formless energy" of one's inner self in space and guides the audience toward introspective thinking, In 2022, he choreographed and performed his solo piece "Shape," which won the Outstanding New Artist Prize in the Competition I|I (under 25) category at Yokohama Dance Collection. In 2023, he received awards such as the Outstanding Work Award at the SAI DANCE FESTIVAL and was invited to perform and conduct workshops in various locations. In addition to his creative work, he is also involved in improving the dance environment in Japan.

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