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SAI 2023 COMPETITION Grand Prize

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       ©Nick Sou

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         ©Erik Tam

Yasushi Kurotaki_publicity photograph_©


Double Poem  

振付・出演:黒瀧 保士

楽曲:⼦供の情景 作品15 第7曲:トロイメライ(夢) /ロベルト・アレクサンダー・シューマン、悲しきワルツ 作品44/ジャン・シベリウス 













2010 年、⽇本マイム研究所の所⻑、佐々⽊博康にマイムを師事。並⾏してクラシカルバレエを学ぶ。

2011 年、⼭⼝情報芸術センターにて開催された勅使川原三郎が主宰するKARASのソリスト、佐東利穂⼦講師によるワークショップへの特別参加を機に、2019 年まで継続的にワークショップへ参加。勅使川原三郎のダンスメソッドを学ぶ。



2023 年6⽉、SAI DANCE FESTIVAL 2023 COMPETITIONで発表したソロのダンス作品『詩のかなたの詩』が最優秀作品賞を受賞。





Choreographer・Performer: KUROTAKI Yasushi

Music:Robert Schumann/Kinderszenen 7."Traumerai" Op.15pf, Jean Sibelius / Valse triste, Op.44

When I appreciate various creative works such as poetry, paintings, and music, I try to grasp the essence of what they represent by imagining and projecting my own body in the world or universe that they represent.

When I think about what is the essence that I am trying to grasp, I think that the essence I am trying to grasp is life.

Then, when I think about what life is, I feel that it is an overwhelming miniature of nature.

If life is a miniature of nature, then I feel that we are also miniatures of nature.

I think that the wide variety of poems, paintings, music, and other creations that come from every creator are miniatures of every creator.

In other words, I feel that every creator represents the world, the universe, and life through the overwhelming beauty and activity of nature, repeatedly shrinking and expanding.


“Double poem" is a dialogue between creator and creation. It is a dialogue not with others, but with the self, and with the many invisible others within the self. It is a dialogue with "self and others" that goes back and forth between the past and the future, beyond what is reflected in the mirror.



In 2010, he studied mime under Hiroyasu Sasaki, director of the Japan Mime Institute.

In parallel, he studied classical ballet.

In 2011, he participated in a workshop led by Saburo Teshigawara at the Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media.

Special participation in a workshop by KARAS soloist and instructor Rihoko Sato was an opportunity for him.

He will continue to participate in workshops until 2019, learning Saburo Teshigawara's dance method.

In December 2019, Inspired by words from Saburo Teshigawara, he began his own creative work in June 2021.

In theater, he appeared as an ensemble member in NODA•MAP productions from 2010-2016.

In June 2023, his solo dance piece "Double poem" presented at the SAI DANCE FESTIVAL 2023 COMPETITION won the Grand Prize. Invited to dance festivals in Macau, Korea, Finland, and Kyoto.

He places emphasis on gravity, space, objects, light, and mental images. The physical and skin sensations of self and others, and the shifting of the center of gravity to support the body.

He creates movement by leaping from his imagination based on the memories of his body.

He pursues physical expression based on mime on the theme of human fragility and what it means to be human.

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