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Contemporary Ballet of Asia Invitation

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JEONG Hyeongil_The line of scene_3_edited.jpg

Photo by OK Sanghoon  

Jeong Hyeongil_Profile.jpg

Jeong Hyeongil

2_Temuulen Aldar_performer.jpg

​Temuulen Aldar

2_Kang So yeon_performer_edited.jpg

Kang So yeon


The line of scene




楽曲:: Adagio, BWV 974他/Johann Sebastian Bach

金 弘道 (キム・ホンド 1745 ~ 1806?) は、朝鮮時代、当時の最高の画家であり、山水画と風俗画に優れた作品を残した。




今、完全に踊りそのものに戻ったバレエが 舞台上で新たなシーンで答えるだろう。





現, JHI Ballet Creative 代表・芸術監督

現、Co.B.A(Contemporary Ballet of Asia) 芸術監督

現, バレエ協同組合STP組合員

現, 世界舞踊連盟理事



元、アメリカ Dance Theatre of Harlem

元、アメリカ Eugene Ballet Company 主役


2023 韓国文化芸術連合会会長賞受賞『Edge of Angle』受賞

2023 ソウル芸術賞優秀賞受賞『Edge of Angle』受賞

2021 福岡文化財団招聘公演『Two Feathers』受賞


2020 大韓民国バレエフェスティバル公式参加作品選定

2020 京畿アートセンター優秀公演選定

2020 日本福岡文化財団プレミアムベストコレクション招聘公演

2020 日本東京シティバレエ団振付輸出

2020 日本SAI Dance Festival招聘公演

2019-2020 烏山文化芸術会館常駐団体

2019 京畿文化財団 京畿公演芸術フェスタ ベストコレクション選定『The Seventh Position』

2019 日本東京シティバレエ団振付輸出 振付:JEONG Hyeongil『The Seventh Position』

2022 ソウル国際振付フェスティバルSCF招聘公演

2021 Jeong Hyeong-il Ballet Creative 10周年公演

2021 大韓民国バレエフェスティバル公式招聘公演

2022 水原バレエフェスティバル参加作品選定


Choreographer:Jeong Hyeongil   

Performer:Temuulen Aldar, Kang So yeon

Music:Adagio BWV 974 and others/Johann Sebastian Bach

Kim Hong-do 1745-1806? was the greatest painter of the Joseon Dynasty, and he was a painter of landscape paintings and genre paintings He left an outstanding work.

The lively line of Mudong created by Kim Hong-do's brush touch met the ballet.

And that line of the scene asked the ballet.

What's dance


The ballet that has completely returned to the dance itself

I will answer with a new scene on stage.

The line of the scene

Dancing lines, dancing lines, and dancing lines



- Artistic Director of JHI Ballet Creative

- Director of Co.B.A (Contemporary Ballet of Asia)

- Member of Ballet Cooperative STP

- Director of World Dance Alliance (Korea Chapter)

- The Principal of Eugene Ballet company (U.S)

- The Member of Dance Theatre of Harlem (U.S)

- The Member of Korean National Ballet

2023 Awarded President of the Korean Culture and Arts Association “Edge of Angle”

2023 Awarded for Excellence in the Seoul Arts Awards “Edge of Angles”

2022 Selected to participate in the 2022 Seoul int'l Choreography Festival

2022 Selected to participate in the 2022 Suwon Ballet Festival

2021 Fukuoka Cultural Foundation Invited Performance “Two Feathers”

Select a piece that the audience wants to see again

2021 Selected as an official participant in the 2021 Korea Ballet Festival

2021 10th anniversary performance in the Jeong Hyeong-il Ballet Creative

2020 Selected as an official participant in the 2020 Korea Ballet Festival

2020 Selected as an excellent performance by Gyeonggi Art Center

2020 Invited to be selected as the Premium Best Collection by Fukuoka Cultural Foundation, Japan

2020 Export choreography to Tokyo City Ballet Company “Two Feathers”

2020 Japan SAI DANCE Festival Invitation

2019 <Best Collection > in Gyenggi Performing Arts FESTA “The Seventh Position”

2019 Export choreography to Tokyo City Ballet Company “The Seventh Position”

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