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Seoul International Choreography Festival Invitation

하지혜 무당벌레의 꿈 - 사진 최원규.jpg
하지혜 무당벌레의 꿈 4 - 사진 최원규_edited.jpg

Photo by Choi Wongyu

하지혜 프로필 - 사진 고흥균.jpg

Ladybug's Dream/てんとう虫の夢




Choreographer・Performer:Ha Jihye

Music:Original/Kim Daehee





18 years of life in Seoul. Maybe...It 15 just an ordinary story which belongs to anybody.

&lt;Ladybug&#39;s Dream&gt; is a work inspired by the autobiographical experience of a choreographer and depicts in fragmentary ways modern people struggling alone in a distant home away from their
families and hometowns.

The joy of laying the foundation for &quot;independence&quot; is also for a while, busy and fierce every day to survive in an unfamiliar metropolis. I don&#39;t have time to think about what day it is today, who I am, and I'm constantly flogging myself.


ハ・ジヘ Ha Jihye

彼女のソロ作品『てんとう虫の夢』は、2020年のNDAフェスティバルで初演後、優秀作品に選ばれ、今年、マカオ、日本、アメリカ、フランス、ハンガリーで再演を控えている。代表作としては、『てんとう虫の夢』、『Nobody Knows』、『倍速人間』などがある。

Ha Ji-hye, the artistic director of the AHA Movement, deals with contemporary stories closely related
to life under the motto, “Life is art.” Ha Ji-hye, who first made her name known as a dancer at the Ahn
Eun-mi Company and the National Contemporary Dance Company, was selected as a residency artist
at the Seoul Dance Center in 2022 and 2023, and continues her choreography activities actively. His
solo work ”Ladybug’s Dream” was selected as an excellent work after its premiere at the NDA
Festival in 2020, and is set to be reenacted in Macau, Japan, the United States, France and Hungary
this year. Her representative works include ”Ladybug’s Dream”, ”Nobody Knows”, and ”Fast Human"


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