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Jury Prize (Solo)


​photo by bozzo

かませ犬     underdog



Choreographer・Performer:Omori Yoko




Here on Mani Mani planet, it has already become extinct except hundreds of millions of years ago. I am the last one.

Once in a while I was an underdog.Looking at me like that,my mom told me "You are really poor and adorable". But neither mom or biting dog are now anywhere.There is no loneliness nor sadness long ago.Only old memories will not fall out forever.However,I wonder if someone finds me doing this.If I do this,I wonder if I can become something.



22歳。幼少よりクラシックバレエを習っている。SAI dance festival 2018にて、ソロ作品『かませ犬』が審査員賞を受賞。横浜ダンスコレクション2019 コンペティションII 新人振付家部門にて、ソロ作品『三角コーナーに星がふる』が最優秀新人賞、タッチポイントアートファウンデーション賞を受賞。少年が好きそうなものが好き。毎年冬になると片頭痛に悩まされる。

Now twenty-two. Started learning classical ballet at early age. Won the Jury Prize for my solo work “Underdog” at the SAI Dance Festival 2018. Won the Best Newcomer Prize,and the Touchpoint Art Foundation Prize for my solo work “stars fall in sink-corner strainer” at the Competition Ⅱ of Yokohama Dance Collection 2019. Like things like boys prefer. Suffer from migraine in the winter every year.

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