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Bejing Dance Festival Invitation

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Photo by Paul Deziel

Shape in Water



Choreographer・Performer:Allen Chunhui Xing


As a young child, my father taught me to swim. I enjoy swimming and go diving often. The feeling of weightlessness and lightness in the water removes pressure found on land and allows my inner-self to explore. I look to the sun through the surface, deep under water in awe. I am a good swimmer, but also afraid of the water. The silence below the surface; the danger lurking beyond sight; the seclusion; combining to create a sense of exhilaration, of anticipation. The inspiration of Shape in Water was from the image I had of a man falling to the bottom of the ocean. The subconscious thinking process that he had lingering between life and death. It embodies the memory of my sense of water and the conflict between desire and fear.



アレン(Allen Chunhui Xing)は、アメリカ・メリーランド州ボルティモアに基盤をおいて活動するダンサー・振付家。彼は現在「Xing Dance Theatre」 と「Xing Dance School」の芸術監督である。

「Huajin Dance Drama Ensemble」(07-11) の前メンバーとして、作品『Forbidden Fruit Under the Great Wall』で中国国立劇場、上海国立劇場、ケネディセンターを始め、世界ツアーを行っている。彼は最近以下を含む多数のカンパニーとプロジェクトを行っている。Orange Grove Dance Companyによる『Un Castell built for two』、PEARSONWIDRIG DANCE THEATERによる『Rapture』、Priore Danceによる「Jacobs Pillow Dance Festival」にて『Casita』、釜山市立舞踊団との共同作業による『Man's Requiem』など。彼の作品は、「Next Now Festival」「Maryland Campaign」「Peabody Spring Dance Showcase」「Global Perspectives Festival」「Beijing Dance Festival」「On The Move on the Kennedy Center」「Baltimore Dance Invitational 」等に招待されている。


Allen Chunhui Xing is a dancer and choreographer based in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.  He currently is the Artistic Director of Xing Dance Theater and Xing Dance School. He is a former member of Huajin Dance Drama Ensemble (2007-2011) and performed in the production Forbidden Fruit Under the Great Wall which internationally toured through venues including China Greater ‪National Theatre, Shanghai National Grand Theater, and ‪the Kennedy Center.

Xing recently performed in many company projects including: Un Castell built for two by Orange Grove Dance, Rapture by PEARSONWIDRIG DANCE THEATER, Casita at Jacobs Pillow Dance Festival by Priore Dance, A Man's Requiem by KIM Yongchul collaborating with Busan Metropolitan Dance Company. His work has been invited and selected to perform at the Next Now Festival, Maryland Campaign, Peabody Spring Dance Showcase, Global Perspectives Festival, Beijing International Dance Festival, On the Move at the Kennedy Center, Baltimore Dance Invitational .

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