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MASDANZA/Spanish Embassy in Japan Invitation

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Arnau Pérez de la Fuente




楽曲: オリジナル/Toromecanico and Casasnovas






24 MASDANZAとInternational Solotanz Stuttgartで最優秀振付賞を受賞。また、第32回マドリッド振付コンクールでは、観客賞、若手審査員賞、優秀ダンサー賞を受賞。彼の作品は、コスタリカ、アメリカ、キプロス、オランダ、フランス、イタリア、ドイツ、チリなど、スペイン全土で上演されている。カナル・コレオグラフィック・センター、コンデ・ドゥケ、コンパーニャ・ナショナル・デ・ダンツァ、グランド・シアター・フローニンゲンなどでレジデントを務める。



Choreographer・ Performer: Arnau Pérez de la Fuente

Music:Original composition by Toromecanico and Casasnovas 

In music, a 'single' is a vinyl format used for commercial distribution, which contained the hit song(s) from an LP. That uniqueness has been emphasized and the term has been established as a personal showcase, highlighting individuality in the mainstream. We have become accustomed to associating success or achievement with individuality, establishing ourselves in a development that arises from personal and self-seeking. Right now we are surrounded by people, but aren't we alone?



Choreographer and dancer born in Blanes, Spain. Graduated in contemporary dance at the "María de Ávila" Conservatory of Dance in Madrid and in the master's degree in contemporary scenic thought and creation from ESADCYL. He is currently the director of his own company project based between Madrid and Catalonia

As a choreographer, he has developed his pieces in companies such as Company E (Washington D.C.), Jove Compañía Gerard Collins (Valencia), Jove Ballet de Catalunya (Barcelona), Laboratorio 180o (Madrid) and Conservatory Superior of Madrid (CSDMA).

He has danced in companies such as Daniel Abreu, Instituto Stocos, Elías Aguirre company, Valencia Dancing Forward and Marcat Dance.

He has been awarded the prize for best choreography at 24 Masdanza and International Solotanz Stuttgart. In addition to the audience award, young jury and outstanding dancer in the 32 Madrid Choreographic Contest. His works have been represented in countries such as Costa Rica, the United States, Cyprus, Netherlands, France, Italy, Germany, Chile and throughout the Spanish territory. He has been a resident at the Canal Choreographic Center, Conde Duque, Compañía Nacional de Danza, Grand Theater Groningen...

He also combines his work as a choreographer and dancer with teaching in multiple places. She has conducted workshops for professionals and conservatories, summer intensives, and has also collaborated on projects with public schools to bring dance and choreography to new generations without experience in the area of movement arts.



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