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MACAO CDE Springboard Invitation

9_Albert Garcia_choreograhper_edited.jpg

Albert Garcia

9_Chien-Yao Liao_dancer_edited.jpg

Chien-Yao Liao

Consume me baby











Concept & Choreography: Albert Garcia

Devising Dancer: Chien-Yao Liao 


In Taiwan, an estimated 250 dance graduates emerge each year. While a dancer income fetches merely per rehearsal 100 NT per hour, and performances fees of minimum 2000 NT per show, these figures fail to provide a sustainable livelihood for the average Taipei resident. Consequently, dancers are compelled to diversify their sources of income for survival. They transition into roles such as dance instructors, café staff, or even as movers. The notion of subsisting solely on freelance dancing in Taiwan remains an untenable prospect. Regrettably, dancers are often relegated to the status of economical labor commodities. The quest for multiple jobs becomes a necessity to strike a balance and make ends meet. Thus, the plea resounds--

Buy me, consume me, I want to live freely.



Albert GARCIA is a multi-disciplinary artist and was born and raised in Macao of Filipino descent. As a migrant and performance maker, he uses the body and multimedia as a vessel for questioning and showing their identity. Reflecting when viewing the landless state of a multi-hybrid identity. His works interrogate topics about identity, belonging, movements, migration, body of labor and survival. Garcia is a graduate of University of Macao where he majored in Media studies and Masters in Fine Arts in Dance Performance at Taipei University of the Arts. He was also invited to different productions, festivals, and collaborated with international artists.


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