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SCF Invitation 


Photo by Kim Hyungjun

A Recycled Life




Choreographer・Music:Choi Myunghyun

​Performer:Kang Hanna, Seo Dongsol, Kim Taehee



Every form of capital has prevalently dominated all kinds of human activities, which deeply resides in our life. Our body becomes, at present, commodified, losing its own value. Body is produced or utilised, eventually discarded, by means of the production of the capital of utility. The body needs to be more productive and efficient by capitalism.
This performance is to raise a question on the value of body and life along with that the body is continually required to use up, reproduced, and disposed of as labour resources in capitalism. With a metaphorical approach, this performance is to suggest how we need to consider our body and life as a valuable asset to have a meaningful life, not a mere labour tool.


チェ・ミョンヒョンは、人間の身体と精神に関する探究を通じ、意味のある方向性を探す。それと共に作品を通して人生を提示しようとする振付家である。 2010年漢陽大学校卒業後、「ダンスカンパニーミョン」を設立した。舞台/照明デザインの作業も並行する彼は、振付作業のためにな照明と舞台美術など舞台メカニズムを現場で習得した。彼は音と動きとの関係性を構築することにもまた長い間興味を持っていて、既存の定型化された動きのメソッドを脱皮し、ダンサーが感覚的に感じ、表現できる動きを研究している。

Choi Myung Hyun is a choreographer who contemplates on physical and psychological aspects. He searches for a meaningful way and suggests an appropriate way of life. He established "MYUNG"(Dance Company) in 2010. He also works as a stage designer for his creative works and he has accumulated his all related experiences such as stage lighting, stage art in the field.

He has been interested in the construction of the co-relationship between sound and movement. He has been researching the movement which the performer can show a sensuous description, emerging from the patterned method.

He focuses on changing awareness about human rights and equality and deal with social issues that will bring out in the future. He is trying to find the way to harmonize human and nature based on humanity.


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