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DDF Invitation

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Photo by HanFilm

essential emotion




Choreographer:Yoon Nara

Performer:Yoon Nara、Jeon Woosang


Etymologically, emotion is "movement or impulse" or "to move something to something" and it is a subjective experience to induce to act.
Emotions can be a fundamental building block of survival, and they receive assistance by emotion, but they sometimes see failure. Emotions written to maintain relationships with survival have a direct impact on the present life.
This work will proceed in omnibus format.
This work is intended to constitute this work inspired by the incident that caused a change of emotion decisively to me in the experience of life until now.



LDP ダンスカンパニー団員

2005年 ソウル国際舞踊コンクール「一位」

2008年 若手振付家展「最優秀賞」

Korea National University of Arts graduation, and graduate school graduate school

LDP Dance Company member

2005       Seoul International Dance Competiton「1st place」

2008     Young Choreographer Exhibition「Grand Prize」


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