SAI 2019 COMPETITION Grand Prize

Photo by bozzo

Monkey in a diaper 

振付・出演:下島 礼紗  

Choreographer・Performer: Shimojima Reisa



Writer Shinichiro Kurimoto says human being is a monkey wearing extra underpants. It is written to Homo sapiens that she is not only a monkey undressed, but also the animal takes on or off her underwear and invites a male by the behavior of taking off her panties. As such, she takes the strange action systematically. Kurimoto explains an action of the Homo sapiens by replacing a sexual behavior, a law, morality, religion with expression, "the underpants”. How am I, then? I still wear diapers.

In other words, I wear the underpants which is not allowed to be taken off for a long time. I take a diaper off just when I exchange it for a new one. But in fact, I think this to be comfortable. Am I a human being? A monkey? Or neither? I am dreaming of putting on the solemn underpants like a human being someday. And it is my wish that I may end my life while throwing off my underpants gloriously. Now at first, I will try to wear underpants on this fictitious stage.