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SAI 2019 COMPETITION Jury Prize (solo)


Photo by bozzo


Athletic Buildbio solo dance ver. 

振付・出演:好光 義也  

Choreographer・​Performer:Yoshimitsu Yoshiya




“How shall I share my hyper-active body and Distracted mind?” with this question I started this work. Hyper-active bodies would have affinity with sportive ones. It deals with information of perception and movement. In this work I set up a training session on the stage for my body. You can see the body which concentrates on works (-out).

“This is also a self introduction of mine. I, an infamous dancer but multi-skilled will listen to, dance with, play the sounds on the stage.”


滋賀県生まれ。2020年京都市から茨城県取手市に移住。2015年Machol Shalem Dance House (イスラエル)でのインターンシップをきっかけにダンスを始める。ダンスをヤザキタケシ、ハイディ・ダーニングに師事。また京都に訪れた様々な振付家のワークショップや作品に出演や制作補助、通訳等で参加し研鑽を積む。物・音と観客との間に自身の身体を介入させる作風が特徴。2017年より自作を作り始める。同志社大学文学部美学芸術学科卒業、東京藝術大学美術研究科在学。

Born in Shiga Prefecture. Moved to Toride City from Kyoto City in 2020. In 2015 the internship in Machol Shalem Dance House (Israel) was the start of my dance career. Studied under Takeshi Yazaki and Heidi Durning in Kyoto. And learned in participation in the works of some artists and  choreographers(Luis Garay, Michael Maurissens, Marcelo Evelin, Alan Michal,Miriam Lefkowitz, Masahiro Miwa, Meiro Koizumi...etc).

Graduated from Doshisha University (Art History and Esthetics). Studeis in Tokyo Univercity of the Arts(Inter-Media).

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