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SAI 2019 COMPETITION Grand Prize


Photo by bozzo

Monkey in a diaper 

振付・出演:下島 礼紗  

Choreographer・Performer: Shimojima Reisa




Shinichiro Kurimoto says that a Human being is a monkey wearing extra underpants in "Monkeys in underwear - what kind of creature is human being? ." , one of his writings published in 1981. It is written to Homo sapiens that she is not only a monkey undressed, but also the animal takes on or off her underwear and invites a male by the behavior of taking off her panties. As such, she takes the strange action systematically. Kurimoto explains an action of the Homo sapiens by replacing a sexual behavior, a law, morality, religion with expression, "the underwear".

How am I, then?  I still wear diapers. In other words, I wear the underwear which is not allowed to be taken off for a long time. I take a diaper off just when I exchange it for a new one. But in fact, I think this to be comfortable.  Am I a human being? A monkey? Or neither?  I am dreaming of putting on the solemn underpants like a human being someday. And it is my wish that I may end my life while throwing off my underpants gloriously. Now at first, I will try to wear underpants on this fictitious stage.

※This piece was created with the theme of Japanese cult religion "Aum Shinrikyo”.





Born in Kagoshima prefecture in 1992. She began studying dance at the age of seven, with focus on Yosakoi dance, which is performed at festivals. She studied contemporary dance under Kuniko Kisanuki at J. F. Oberlin University. She formed the dance company〈KEDAGORO〉in 2013 and is responsible for the choreography and production of all its works. Based on the idea that "dance is a method for exploring the world," she is active with the aim of meeting people, learning about the world, and creating her own ideas through her work creation. Her masterpiece "Monkey in a diaper" and “sky” has been performed at numerous festivals in Japan and overseas.

8th Elsur Foundation New Face Award for Contemporary Dance.

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