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Duo Dance Festival Invitation

Perfact Skill 1.jpeg
Perfact Skill 2.jpeg

Photo by Kim Jaeguk   

Perfect Skill




Choreographer:Jung Jaewoo

Performer:Jung Jaewoo、Jung Minsoo



Living in a world full of media and information, people are used to consuming and enjoying it.
At the same time, we are also a material for this information and media and are always exposed regardless of our own will.
In a world where even the individual stories are regarded as ingredients, people have learned how to hide and wrap themselves.
I call this is the "perfect skill"
The gap between me in the SNS world and me in the real world...
I would like to talk about the face of truth, which is desperate to escape from me in real life, but still inevitably contradictory.



2017  MODAFE 2017にてSpark Awards受賞 『無人島』 振付・出演

   SCFにてSCF Awards (Young Author, Solo & Duet) 受賞 『無人島』 振付・出演

2018  ソウル文化財団最初芸術支援選定作 『Dive』 振付・出演

2019  モノタンツソウル 『電話を受ける人』 振付・出演

Present of Braveman.
2017   Modern Dance Festival in Seoul (MODAFE), Spark Award.
2017   Seoul International Choreography Festival (SCF), SCF Award.
2018   Selected by Seoul Foundation Arts and Culture (SFAC) 'Dive'.
2019   'Telephonee' in Monotanc in Seoul.


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