Hong Kong Danve Exchange Invitation

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Photo by #WorldwideDanceProject




Choreographer・Performer:Alice Ma


​What society calls normal behaviour, psychotherapist Event Shostrom says, all falls within manipulation. You who are always in control of yourself and others; are you unwittingly controlled by something else?



Alice graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with a Bachelor (Honours) degree in Dance, majoring in modern dance and choreography. After graduation, she is active in stage performances and also cooperates with different artists. Including Hong Kong Arts Festival, New Vision Arts Festival, E-Side Dance Company, Hong Kong Dance Company, Y-Space, Hong Kong Dance Alliance , City Contemporary Dance Company, Musica Viva, Music Lab, etc.

Alice is also obsessed with choreography. Her recent creations include the Hong Kong Arts Festival – The HK Jockey Club Contemporary Dance Series Wu, Over-Master, E-Side Dance Company Soulless, the City Contemporary Dance Company Dance Youth 2015, Y-Space i-Dance Festival Upstairs and Downstairs and so on. In 2019, Wu was selected to participate in the New Dance for Asia International Festival in Seoul, South Korea. Since 2009, she has become a part-time tutor in the City Contemporary Dance Center. In 2016, she began to work as a part-time tutor at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts Dance Academy, teaching duo work.


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