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Contemporary Ballet of Asia Invitation

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Photo by OK Sanghoon  

The Line of SCENE



出演:J.H.I Ballet Creative


Choreographer:  Jeong Hyoungil

Performer: J.H.I Ballet Creative

Program Director:Jang Jiwook



The lively lines created by Kim Hong-do's brush touch met ballet. And the line of the scene asked the ballet. What is a dance? Now the ballet returns to the dance itself and answers with a new scene on stage.
The various lines produced by the ballerina's body have been pursued as a competitive tool rather than the essence of ballet. The line of uniform movement and distorted essence that has been practiced over and over again for university entrance. For the change of the essence, I now try to change standardized frame and regain my identity. Even the ballet bar, which relied heavily on every difficult moment of the journey toward a dream, that you can dance freely after a certain distance. For the amusements we have longed for, we only interact with the stage and are immersed in our body, standing alone on the stage at the apex of supersensory reactions. A single white dance floor and ballerina on three angle stages. It reveals its own presence with only one body without background and props. Even moments that do not move become attractive subjects and the stage is crystallized. The body does not have brilliant colors, but it will only be a mise-en-scene on the stage and will.



現、JHI Ballet Creative芸術監督


  Contemporary Ballet of Asia芸術監督


  Dance Theatre of Harlem(USA)、

  Eugene Ballet Company プリンシパル(USA)


Artistic Director of JHI Ballet Creative

The resident group of Osan culture and arts center

Artistic Director of Contemporary Ballet of Asia

Director of World Dance Alliance (Korea Chapter)


Korean National Ballet member

Dance Theater of Harlem(USA)

Eugene Ballet Company Principal(USA)


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